Friday, November 13, 2009


Things have been busy at our house since we got home from Austria. The flight home was a little long. After we flew from Vienna to Amsterdam, we got on our flight back to the US and sat for 3 hours before taking off. Needless to say, after spending 12.5 hours on the plane we were ready to get off! The children were troopers and we were so proud of them!

Once we got home it was back to the routine. Football has ended and basketball has started for Daniel. He loves them both! Katie Beth is loving dive team. She has practice 2 nights a week, but she would like to go more often! She has learned a ton already.

We had a 3rd contact right after we got back from Austria. We would have loved to adopt the child, but we are pretty sure that it was a scam. We are praying that people will only contact us if they are truly placing a child for adoption and not trying to scam us. There are some days that I feel anxious about all of this and just wish that we would hurry up and be matched. Most days I feel at peace about the whole thing. I do know from the adoption of our two precious children that we have at home, that God's timing is perfect. I don't want to do this on my time schedule, but rather God's time schedule! So, when I am feeling anxious I pray for patience and peace. Thankfully, God meets me right where I am and provides the peace that I so desperately need at that moment!