Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have had a GREAT day with my 3 valentines! We were suppose to be in Mississippi the whole weekend, seeing my family and the children playing with their cousins. Sometimes, plans don't really workout. Katie Beth got sick and Mississippi was under a winter storm warning. We never dreamed that the weather in Mississippi would cause travel problems for us! Daniel was the most disappointed of us all, since Mississippi is one of his very favorite places.

We have had a great weekend together, even though we didn't go out of town. All 4 of us have gone shopping together and out to dinner for Valentine's Day on Friday night. On Saturday, Daniel's basketball team won and the Jayhawks did too. We played Mario brothers together, made homemade pizza, and Daniel and Katie Beth helped me make chocolate covered strawberries. Today, we went to church and then we have all been in our PJ's since we got home. It is very cold and we have loved staying inside! Once again today we all played Mario Brothers and Katie Beth and Mike painted some pottery that we had made earlier. Mike did beat the pants off of me when we were playing Scrabble! I am trying to forget about that!!

Today, I am truly in love with all three of these wonderful people! Michael is my true love, the love of my life, that is always there for me and the children. He is the one that loves me all of the time, makes me laugh, and keeps my uptight personality in check. Michael gives all of us his time and his heart. For these reasons and many others, he will always be my Valentine.Even though we didn't go out for Valentine's Day, I know how much I am loved and hope he knows how wonderful and loved that he is.

Daniel is my first child, love of my life. I would say there is nothing like being a mother to a boy, but there is also nothing like being a mother to a girl! I am in love with Daniel because of his sweet personality, the way he takes everything so literally, the way he loves his family, and because he will do anything to make someone else happy. Daniel always exhibits the "I'm Third" spirit! For these reasons and many others he will always be my Valentine!

Katie Beth is my second child, love of my life. She brings me joy on a daily basis! I am in love with Katie Beth because of her excited personality, the way she can make me laugh, her love of babies, her willingness to always help, her creative side,and the many times of the day I hear "I love you!" I never have to wonder if Katie Beth is in love with me, because I hear it all of the time! For these reasons and many others, she will always be my Valentine!

As for me, I am in love with God who has given me these wonderful Valentines and so many more blessings in life. God is gracious, kind and good all the time.