Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It has been a long time since I have updated, so I will cover some things that are going on in our family. We had a great Thanksgiving spending it with my Mom and Mike's family. We worked at packing meals for the less fortunate in the morning and spent lunch with Mike's famliy. My Mom and I temporarily lost our minds and went out shopping at Midnight. I am not a night owl at all, but I was a trooper and made it until 3:00 pm the next afternoon!!!! We won't do that again, but we did have a good time.

We haven't had anymore contacts about adoption. We are trying to be patient and know that God's timing is the best. I have become a little anxious over the last few weeks about no one contacting us, but God has gotten my attention and put things back into focus for me. Mike is forever patient and a good example for me to follow!

December was very busy with the holidays approaching, but I love this time of year. We are forever grateful for Daniel and Katie Beth and our Christmas card talked about the unspeakable joy that they bring us everyday! God showed me that even if our family only includes these two children, that we couldn't be more blessed. I hope and pray for another child, but life is good for the blessings He has already bestowed.

Christmas came and brought a major snowstorm to our Midwest town. My Mom, my brother and his family were all staying with us. We had a great time being snowed in and having a very relaxing Christmas. Daniel and Katie Beth had a wonderful time and were so excited about every aspect of the Christmas season. It is fabulous to watch them overjoyed when they open gifts and see their presents! Since we had a white Christmas, we also had fun playing in the snow. It snowed for four days in a row! This was the first time that we had spent Christmas with my nieces and they added a lot of excitement for Christmas morning. All four of the children had a great time playing in the snow on Christmas Day! The only disappointment was that church was cancelled on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve morning we did a scavenger hunt that a friend had given me for the children to find their Christmas presents from Grandma. It was a big hit with the kids as they found their presents in the freezer, the bathtub, and the garage! This will probably become a yearly tradition!

2009 has been a great year for our family! We have gotten to travel, spend time with family, and watch the children be involved in many activities. We are very excited to see what 2010 holds for our family. We pray that a baby will be a part of 2010 and we pray that daniel and Katie Beth will continue to grow in their walk with God and be happy and healthy children. We hope 2010 is a wonderful year for all of you!

The pictures are from Christmas or the couple of weeks before Christmas!